World Extreme Snowboarding Championships

Michael Cozad, the founder of the World Extreme Skiing Championships (WESC) and owner of the Tsaina Lodge at the time teamed up with Martin Guinane to pull off WESBC. Martin had been a Tsaina Lodge resident since 1989 and managed the Lodge and operations since it opened in 1990. Michael and Martin felt that snowboarders needed an Extreme event like the skiers but different. The event need to go the extra step to provide boards the opportunity to show the world their talents.

WESBC was a collaborative effort between Michael Cozad, Martin Guinane and a large number of pedigree sponsors funding the event. When Michael and Martin set out to put WESBC on the goal was to design a competition that matched snowboarding's extreme. That required big mountains and in depth planning. Michael and Martin delivered with an event recognized as the "Alaskan Badass Festival".

"The competition I refer to is the World Extreme Snowboarding Championships…one part Dead show, one part speed metal and two parts uninhibited celebration of life…add a lot of very fresh, insane and absolutely over the edge snowboarding and you have a perfect festival." SnoBoarding magazine, Sept 1993

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